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QuickBooks® is a perfect business accounting software that business people use to track all business activities on time. Being a special feature in QuickBooks®, the time and cost tracking allows business owners control costs and pass them to different customers directly. Such people may need complete QuickBooks® Support for the purpose of setting Time and cost tracking features in the accounting software. When it comes to tracking time and costs in QuickBooks®, there are three methods used for the same purpose:

StopWatch: Displayed in a single activity window, QuickBooks® has this stopwatch approach for tracking time by turning on stopwatch’s timer at the beginning of the work and turning off it when the work is finished.

QuickBooks® Timer: Being a separate program, QuickBooks® timer runs on different operating systems on different computers and lets you distribute the timer copies when you are not accessing the software. With this feature, you can merge time data of other users into the QuickBooks® company file.

Entering of time data manually is another feature you can use in weekly time sheet window.

Make Your Time Billable:

If you want to record your time you spend with a customer, just mark one option “billable”.  Here, you can add the billable timing in your invoice when you invoice your customer for billing. When it comes to the sales, QuickBooks® simply marks the time as billed and let you avoid the entering of the same customer twice. If any work completed by the employees is billable to customers, it becomes billable with the recording of your work time in the software. Moreover, it lets you track non-billable work time.

The software can also be effectively used for the purpose of tracking time for subcontractors.

All these things are made possible when you opt for QuickBooks® tech support from QuickBooks® help line or an independent technical assistance providing firm having right authority and capability to help you resolve all these issues you face while tracking time using the world’s most reliable accounting management software.

As QuickBooks® time tracking feature is available in the software, it lets all have a better experience for the purpose of tracking time. That is why taking timely and instant QuickBooks® tech support from Intelli Altas matters that most. With its best QuickBooks® support from a team of technical experts, the company overcomes all expectations and leaves no stone unturned to make clients happy and satisfied. Company’s technical help is available for both individual and commercial motives.

Steps to Turn on Sales Tax Preference in QuickBooks®

QuickBooks® is a business accounting software that assists business people in tracking the status of sales tax payments. Interestingly, this feature lets users get freedom from visiting sales tax offices frequently. But to avail this feature in QuickBooks®, users need to abide by complete QuickBooks® Support which will help users set up sales tax in their accounting management software. With the setting up of the feature in the software, QuickBooks® can easily calculate the sales taxes with reference to the creation of invoices.

With QuickBooks® technical assistance from reliable resources like QuickBooks® help desk or independent tech support providing company, users can easily avail sales tax services in the software using the QuickBooks® Sales Tax preferences, sale tax codes and items. Following are the steps to activate sales tax preference in QuickBooks®.

  • Go for Edit>>Preference>>Sales Tax. Then, choose preference tab of the company and change the sales tax setting.
  • Select “Do you charge sales tax?” option to the right side and click on the Yes radio button.
  • Select “Your Most Common sales tax item” drop down list if you are new to sales tax service in the accounting software.
  • Select “Your most common sales tax item” drop down list by clicking on “Add New”.
  • Furnish all columns with relevant information for making new sales tax item.
  • Finally, click OK and close all preference dialog box.

When you follow all these steps using QuickBooks Tech Support, you can simply turn on in your QuickBooks® with sales tax. With QuickBooks® support, you will also know if your sales taxes are due or not. QuickBooks® Support will help you activate sales tax option with your QuickBooks® software 24/7 sitting at home. Moreover, you will be able to take financial decisions on the basis of sales tax collection.

Intelli Atlas Inc. is an independent technical assistance providing company that offers support to third parties brands, products, and services. If you need instant and flawless complete QuickBooks Support for the purpose of setting up or activating sales tax preferences in QuickBooks® in the least amount of time, Intelli Atlas’s QuickBooks® technical support services can make a real difference. It also allows users to resolve all issues and problems users generally experience while setting up Sales Tax. Don’t wait just dial our QuickBooks Technical Support Number to get help manage time tracking in QuickBooks®. Our toll free number +1-888-846-6939 will help on time tracking in QuickBooks®.

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